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1 kg unallocated silver bullion with free storage
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1 kg unallocated silver bullion with free storage

Live Price: AUD $704.08
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BULLIONMARK presents 1kg silver bullion unallocated storage

  • Fully backed by metal
  • You essentially take a share of a larger bar held by us.
  • Sell or convert to any bar or coin with one phone call.
  • Low cost economical way to gain exposure to silver
  • Hassle free and zero cost storage.
  • Stored by Reserve Vault (learn about our acquisition of the Reserve Vault)
  • Gives you the ultimate flexibility
  • Take physical delivery at any time
  • Convert your gold to any coin or bar product (fabrication charges apply)
  • Trade in and out or switch to silver with one phone call
  • Manage your account and portfolio in real time with our proprietary My Vault system


1 oz PAMP minted gold bullion bar
Live Price: AUD $1 720.13

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