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5 oz Queensland Mint gold bullion bar
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5 oz Queensland Mint gold bullion bar

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BULLIONMARK presents the 5oz Queensland Mint gold bullion cast bar

  • Pure hand crafted gold you can see, touch and feel
  • Naturally unique fingerprint on each bar
  • High shine finish
  • Fine 9999 / 24k gold
  • Internationally recognisable Kangaroo design
  • Hand crafted by traditional casting methods
  • Made in Queensland by craftsmen not machines

The Queensland Mint gold bars are crafted using traditional hand casting methods. Unlike mass produced machine bars, each bar will will have its own variations and unique natural fingerprint. This is the essence of its beauty, pure gold in its most traditional form that you can see, touch and feel.  If you are looking for machine made gold product please consider Suisse PAMP Minted bar

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