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1 oz Kookaburra silver coin tray (2018)
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100 x 1 oz Kookaburra silver coin tray (2018)

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BULLIONMARK presents the Australian Kookaburra 100 x 1 oz silver bullion coin tray by the Perth Mint Australia.

  • 100 x 1oz silver bullion coin tray (2018)
  • Limited mintage silver investment coin
  • Higher numismatic premiums than other silver coins
  • Annual design changes featuring an Australian Kookaburra
  • Government guaranteed weight and 999 purity
  • Legal tender status under the Australian Currency Act 1965
  • Individual coin protective plastic casings
  • Highest mint quality Australian silver bullion investment coin

Australia's flagship investment silver bullion coin, distributed in Australia and internationally by BULLIONMARK, the Kookaburra was introduced by the Perth Mint in 1990. Trusted by investors worldwide, Perth Mint silver bullion coins are characterised by limited mintages and outstanding design. Kookaburra coins incorporate the Mint's traditional 'P' mintmark, a 110 year-old symbol embodying its commitment to minting excellence.

Coin particulars:-

  • Silver Content for each coin (in troy ounces) 1 oz
  • Denomination (Face Value) $1 AUD
  • % Purity / Fineness (Govt guaranteed) 99.9
  • Gross weight in grams (g) 31.135
  • Thickness in millimetres (mm) 4.0
  • Diameter in millimetres (mm) 40.60
  • Annual mintage limited to 500,000

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