1. Become your own Central Bank

    Throughout history gold has been the bedrock asset of governments and central banks. The Chinese government has doubled its gold reserves in the last 5 years. The US government holds 75% of its reserves in gold.

  2. Get physical

    In physical form, in your possession, gold and silver are no one else’s liability. 

  3. Accumulate

    Regular accumulation, or dollar cost averaging, is an effective strategy in volatile markets.

  4. Buy and hold

    Gold and silver are long term bedrock assets.

  5. Never go all in

    Top investment advisors recommend between 10 – 30% of net wealth in precious metals.

  6. No leverage, ever!

    Futures and other highly leveraged instruments are for the professionals only. It’s like a rigged casino. It is statistically proven you will not win.

  7. Don’t forget silver

    Many fundamentals for silver are even better than gold. Silver has a dual benefit as an industrial and monetary metal.

  8. A quiet investment

    Gold and silver in your own possession sit outside the financial system. They have protected the wealth of families from economic, social and political disruption for over 5000 years.

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