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To obtain a free BULLIONMARK account which provides instant access to Australia’s best gold and silver prices and 24 x 7 online bullion trading, please click on the link below, or for further information regarding account details, please visit the module to the right of the page.

As a registered BULLIONMARK member, you will receive free access to our acclaimed My Vault bullion management platform, which allows you to manage your gold and silver investments like a stock portfolio.

BULLIONMARK accounts can be set up as:-

  • an individual
  • joint
  • company
  • superfund or trust, or
  • multiples of the same or different types
For instance you may hold an individual account as well as a superfund account. The only caveat is that for each account you establish you must have:-
  • a unique log in
  • a unique password and
  • a unique email address

The easiest way to decide which accounts you may need is to consider the person(s) or entity to which you would like invoices assigned.

The registration process takes less than 5 minutes.

If you need help setting up your free BULLIONMARK account please contact us.


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