Platinum - AU$ 1368.6
Gold - AU$ 2182.81
Palladium - AU$ 2349.9
Silver - AU$ 26
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What communications will I receive after I have placed my order?

You will receive the following email communications from us:

  1. Purchase order confirmation with bank transfer instructions.
  2. Order status update confirming cleared funds.
  3. Shipping confirmation including carrier, tracking code and ETA.

Should your order have special conditions or custom shipping arrangements, we will contact you by phone.

We will also contact you directly should we require ID verification.

Do you confirm orders for items not in stock?

Our systems include inventory management, so you can rest assured that if you place an order and it is confirmed the product is in local inventory, at one of our vaults or in our international supply network.

How long after I register can I place an order?

Once you have completed your 5 minute registration your account is active and you can trade gold and silver bullion instantly.

Will I have a chance to review the details of my order prior to committing to purchase?

Our check out process allows you to review all the details of your order including product, price, shipping, insurance, billing and delivery information.  You will be prompted to acknowledge our terms and conditions and confirm the order.

Are the prices locked when I place an order?

Once you hit the confirm button to place an order your prices are locked.

What can I expect after I have confirmed my order?

Once your order has been confirmed you will be directed to an order confirmation screen which includes payment instructions. You will also receive an email purchase order detailing your purchase information and payment instructions. You can also access order information in your "My Vault" account under "Client Reports/Invoices".

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