Platinum - AU$ 1204.5
Gold - AU$ 2024.72
Palladium - AU$ 2144.9
Silver - AU$ 23.04
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Gold and silver purchased at the lows here in 2014 will undoubtedly protect your wealth and family, it may even make you very rich in the longer term.

However, life is to be lived and enjoyed. Bullionmark subscribes to a philosophy or strategy called "ounces to acres".  When the ounces have done their job it's time to convert the profit into acres. Buy a farm and enjoy life tending cattle and driving a tractor. Your dream may be different but the point is that gold and silver are not something to hold forever. At some price, economic, social, political condition or personal lifestage it will be time to harvest and enjoy the benefits.

Should it be your time to harvest and live that dream we can assist buying your metals. For a live quote call our trading desk on 1300 600 629 or +61 7 3139 1400.


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