Platinum - AU$ 1268.5
Gold - AU$ 2219.75
Palladium - AU$ 2190
Silver - AU$ 25.1
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Shipping lead times

The majority of BULLIONMARK orders are shipped within 24 hours of funds being cleared.

You will receive an email communication confirming shipment, carrier, tracking code and ETA.

Shipping progress can be followed on the internet.

We do our best to provide accurate ETA's, but carrier performance is beyond our control.

With the precious metal bull market now entering its second phase it is inevitable supply will become increasingly tight, impacting lead times.  Our systems include inventory management, so you can rest assured that if you place an order with us the product is in inventory at one of our vaults or in our international supply network.

Shipping rules set out in our insurance policy can also impact lead times. Our policy is designed to avoid shipments sitting with carriers over the weekend. As a result we do not ship to SA/WA/VIC/TAS/NT beyond Wednesdays or NSW/QLD/ACT beyond Thursdays.

High value or large weight orders or stock from the Perth Mint may have longer lead times.

We will do our best to keep you informed should your order be delayed.

General supply updates are also published in our news feed and sent to your My Vault inbox.

Please feel free to contact us or call 1300 600 629 for more information about shipping lead times.


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